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  1. I think it is about time that I told you a little bit about me.  As you probably know my name is Lisa and it is me that deals with the website and social media side of LJ Crochet, in between doing that I love to play with yarn.

    I love yarn of all kinds, I am not fussy LOL.  I mainly crochet but I can knit as well, but I find crochet grows faster, I like to try all kinds of techniques from normal crochet and knitting to extreme crochet and knitting.


    I love exploring and finding new techniques and stitches, which I then try to turn into unique hand crafted garments, home furnishing plus much more.


    I decided to learn to crochet again, as I never grasped it as a child when my mum tried to teach me.  Ever since I have been completely addicted and I now seem to have an addiction to yarn and hooks.  I am the type of crafter that has many things on the go at once, which means I have a lot of WIPs (work in progress) at the last count its at about 7.  I really need to learn to finish something before starting something new but there is just so many nice things out there that I need to try.

    I am still working on this WIP which was my Mood Blanket which is meant to be finished by Christmas Day - safe to say it won't be.
    purple blanket

    I am based along with all my lovely yarn in Dagenham, Essex with my lovely supportive husband and two boys who also keep me very busy along with our animals.  I love to bake also, the only trouble there, is if I bake I have to eat it, which is yummy but deadly for the waistline.

    I have many interests like baking, reading, browsing the internet (don't get me started on Pinterest - I literally lose hours), sewing, photography (I am not very good lol) and beading.

    So that's me I hope I haven't bored you silly.