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    Ok so freeform crochet is something I have wanted to learn for ages, it is something that I have always been in awe of.  It can look amazing if done correctly, I have seen some done which isn't to my taste but hey everyone has different taste right!

    So I thought lets give this a go, I picked some spare yarn that I had just lying around doing nothing, I wasn't sure about the colours if I am honest, they look ok here.

    freeform crochet shapes 2014-12-04 14.06.59 

    but once I started putting them together it confirmed to me that I really didn't like the colours.

    freeform scrumble and shapes 2014-12-05 14.40.56

    Also can you see that wavy brown at the bottom - freeform has to lay flat at the back so that wouldn't have worked and would have to be frogged.  I then decided to change my colours, so I popped off to Hobbycraft and chose some colours here is what I picked.  Please excuse the poor light (working at night) and my cat in the background she loves to get involved.

    freeform new colours 2014-12-05 14.42.30

    I quickly started working up some magic circles in my new colours

    2014-12-05 15.24.05

    Don't they look lovely :)

    Then I started adding more colours and turning them into some shapes, the great thing about freeform is it doesn't have to be symmetrical it can be completely random.  See now there's a thing I struggle doing random so this is a big challenge for me.

    2014-12-05 17.02.40
    So here we have some symmetrical circles, some odd shapes, a one colour spiral which is hard to see in the dark purple (due to poor light sorry) and some two colour spirals.

    2014-12-05 20.18.54 

    I then took the odd pink shape and added some more stitches, which turns it completely into something else - the only downside to freeform is all those ends Arrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!

    So once you have a bunch of shapes you are ready to start scrumbling (apparently that's what it is called) so are we ready to scrumble?

    2014-12-09 10.42.23

    In the above photo at the bottom you can see I have joined three shapes together this is apparently a scrumble, I now need to start working off of this.  You can see what some of those first magic circles became, I love my new colours and I am happy with how this is progressing albeit slowly.
    Once I have achieved a bit more I will be back to show you my progress, but right now I have to make another Road Trip Scarf this one is a request from my sister and she tells me she wants it for this Winter, so I best get hooking it (I have started already see photo below) :)

    2014-12-09 10.44.09